2-Doors Wardrobes

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A  tall  cabinet  features  a  shelf, hanger  and  storage  with  2  doors.

It is technically constructed in standard of 20 x 36’’and a height of 80’’ (7 feet).

This can come in any colour of your choice.

120,000.00 96,000.00

2-Door Wardrobes online

Our 2-door wardrobes are portable and functional enough to store a whole family clothing. It comes with two drawers that can be used to store other bedroom related items. A bedroom cannot be complete without a wardrobe.  When setting up a bedroom, you think about your bed frames, dresser, shoe rack, table, sofa chairs, couch, bed, sofa set, bedroom gadgets and more but the wardrobe stand out as a tool for storing clothings, some depending on the plan and design specification often comes with compartments for shoes, cookware or even books and any other thing you desire all in one piece to make your bedroom the most tidy.

2 door wardrobes in Nigeria

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