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  • Mdf bed frame with 2 side cabinets.
  • It also consists of the full headboard, 2 uprights, and the down board as well and 2 bed floors.
  • Classique bed frame’s size is78 x 81’’ i.e 6by6 and the 2 side cabinets makes it to be 78 x 121’’ with the height of 311/2’’ while bed floors are in 331/2 x 72’’ each.
  • This bed frame has space under it which can be use to keep things and it can come in any colour.

The classique bed frames are choice for every bedroom,  get quality bedframes at the most affordable price in Nigeria. Sizes available according to requested specifications, delivery available nationwide.

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Classique Bedframes For sale at best prices

Classique bed frames in Nigeria; choosing a bed frame is not to be taken likely, a weak bedframe could make your bedroom a hell to stay.  A bedframe is the pole that supports your bed. A bed cannot be perfect without a bed frame, apart from the fact that it stands as the strength of your bed, its design will also add an astonishing look to your bedroom. There are different kinds of bed frames to suit different interior designs of homes, boutique, hotels, office and any space of your choice. Get everything you need to modernize your bedroom and transform it into an heaven on earth at Possible and Affordable. We bring affordability of bed frame price in Nigerians for citizens and noncitizens. looking out for where to Buy bed frames in Nigeria we are reliable to give you the best in furniture product and services.

Classique Bed Frames in Nigeria

Bedframes are not just a frame that supports your bed but they are the beauty in your bedroom. There are different kinds of them in sizes,  style and specifications. Quality Bed Frames should be strong, durable, befitting for any home setting. Possible and affordable gives you everything you need to have the enjoyment of a lifetime in your bedroom. Our selections are one of the best you can get in Nigeria.  We build all our furniture to offer you joy, happiness, productivity to work perfectly in your space. Classique bed frames are the best, when it comes to combining simplicity and complexity at the same time with a rectangular carved shape, a high backrest and two side cabinet that allows you store everything you need while on the bed in good and perfect condition. It relieves you of  the stress of having to go back and forth while resting on your bed. Get all the comfort you desire as a  single, couple or family with our bed frames of different sizes.