Figure 5 Seater Fabric Sofa Set

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  • 3 seater.
  • 2 single seater.
  • 5 Throw pillows.
  • backrest.

This is a 5 seater Sofa Set that can be arranged in 3; 1; 1 or 3:2, with no detachable backrests, with 5 throw pillows. The length of Its 3 seater is 80’’ and width of 35’’while the singles are in 35 x 40’’ each or 2 seater in “60×26”

Why you need the figure sofa set

As the name implies, the figure is a curved shaped seater that can be carved in several customized designs or arrangement. The Figure seater can be design in diverse shape of choice, long seater shape, single seater, sofa sets, chase seater. We can be creative with different choice of designs by giving us your preferred specs and we bring out more than you can ever imagine.

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180,000.00 144,000.00

Figure Sofa for sale

Sofa set are inevitable when it comes to relaxation in your living room. The Figure sofa set gives the avenue to seat alone in the most comfortable manner you desire. For instance, when watching your favorite movie in your home; all you need is to fill your bowl with a fresh popcorn and you discover cinema mode has been activated. It gets more pleasurable when your sofa is made with the succulent and quality fabrics that stimulate comfort. The Figure 7 seater sofa set is one of  sofa seats that can be placed in any kind of space. It can be placed in a section of the visitor’s room, a part of the living room, office, bedroom among others depending on your space planning.

Figure Sofa set Price in Nigeria

Our Figure Sofa set can be easily arranged, sophisticated with cool and quality fabrics befitting and relaxing to create a nice feel for every skin. it comes with comfy pillows that adorn outermost comfort after spending all day working or engaged in many other strenuous activities. Perfect and quality sofa chairs or cushions is usually designed with armrest that ensures adequate balance and protection. Our Sofa Upholstery gives you joy, happiness, love, quality and most of all comfort. With our Figure sofa, you get to enjoy comfort and time to think straight with no disturbance of sharing your seat with someone else or you can choose to share as it provides variety of sitting and arrangement type . The most interesting part is our price tag is very much affordable.

Looking for where to buy furniture in Nigeria nook and crannies, we give you an avenue to place your order online ( the most affordable price or you can visit our showrooms at (Lagos, Uyo, Ibadan, PortHarcourt, Abuja ) to confirm quality that is very much ascertained. Delivery available nationwide. Order for the best designs of living room sofa at best prices.