Topaz Jeff Dining set for 6

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  • Rectangular table with cabinet
  • Gorgeous fabric Chair for 6

A dining table with storage with 6 wooden chairs with covered backrests. The Topaz Jeff for 6 possesses same properties with Topaz Jeff for 4 but varies in length which is 5ft or 60’’ with constant height of 32’’. The chairs are in 16 x 181/2’’.

Why you need this dining set

Topaz jeff dining set a combination of rectangular table built with inner space for storage of any other dining items with 6 set of chairs for you and yours. Get to beauty your space with this unique design, easy to clean and fabrics don’t get stained easily.

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Colour and sizes at every customized specification.

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Topaz jeff Dining set for 6

The dining is a part of the room segmented for dining and wining, family discussion and some other private matters. The dining room is an important part of a home as the consumption of food, drinks, snacks are meant to be in the dining. The dining requires some settings and upholstery furniture that makes it convenient for inhabitants. when thinking about dining room furniture, we think about dining chairs and tables, shelves, bar and everything that makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner better. Topaz dining set is a portable package for 4, good enough for both large and small space.

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Topaz jeff dining set for 4 comes with a design that will modernized every setting. Unlike many restaurants, the dining is a place to share with a few number of people which are mostly your loved or trusted ones. Selected Dining seats and tables should be comfortable, durable, and classy. Possibleandaffordable, known for giving the best solution when it comes to furniture. We produce best designs of high quality that can transform your home into an abode of beauty. Check out our collections and designs, we design to suit varieties of choice at the most affordable price.