U-shape Reception Table

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Design: A U-shaped Table with quality wood, a glass stand that showcases transparency and uniqueness. It comes a lot of inner space and drawers for storing numerous documents in the smartest way.

Size: Customized size to meet various Space specifications.

Colour: Colour varieties available according to specifications.






250,000.00 200,000.00


The U-shape Reception Table

When thinking about office setting one of the first thing that comes to mind is the reception. The reception is the room section that mostly visited in an office building. The reception has to be welcoming, attractive, and classy as it is a major place for showcasing the quality of your brand in general. Now when considering your reception, the reception table or desk comes to mind. The reception table or desk design is not just a desk to view but a classy, attractive, cool and exceptional look will go a long way in your business.

How to buy U- shape Reception Table

Having your business in mind, we create homemade designs that will upgrade your brand by showcasing admirable reception table designs. Possible and affordable will give you the best of reception tables of which the U- shaped Reception Table is one. The U-shape Table is classy, originally home-made, quality, high standard with a unique shape that creates a standard for your office. Now the most exciting part is affordability, The U-shaped table is worth more than its price tag and affordable for all. designs give you the best of office furniture for branding, comfort, happiness and best of transaction result. We do space planning and design according to customized specifications.

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