MDF Jeff Dining set for 4

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  • MDF Four cornered table.
  • 4 fabric chairs.

A plain mdf board top dining table with four legs, 4 wooden chairs with covered backrests. The plain top part of the table is joined with the legs with screws. The mdf table’s length and width are therefore both to be 351/2’’making the table square in shape and with a height of 33’’.

MDF Dining set buying guide

The MDF jeff dining set is one of the best design for a small space. It is portable, designed for 4 people with accurate space and freedom for expression while dining. It gives the avenue to enjoy a private chat with some special group of people of your choice. It shows having a small space does not mean you cant have everything in place, so also having a large space does not mean you cannot enjoy optimum freedom with this smart design.

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