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Box 38 May 12, — th Avenue. Rosary: Sunday May 19 am Lois Woitalla. Minister: Sunday May 19 am Lynn Dombovy. Sunday May 19 am Raychel Virnig. Lectors: Saturday May 18 pm Becky Joerger. Sunday May 19 am Mary Ann Schomer. Ministers: Saturday May 18 pm Dale Beierman. Sunday May 19 am Eileen Espelein.

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Yet, as He told His disciples, He certainly was not abandoning them. The Ascension and Pentecost are closely linked: in returning to His Father, Jesus sends their Holy Spirit, bestowing on His disciples that gift of power, life and love that can only come from God.

We too share in this same Holy Spirit. Father David. Everyone is welcome! Mass will be at am, followed by a reception until pm. It can be very easy to let this become too casual or even immodest in spring and summer months. Thank you for your attentiveness to this! Thank You!! Congratulations and Welcome to our Community of Faith. What wonderful ladies we have at Holy Cross Church who come every weekend to clean our church!

God Bless You! Thanks so much for your Gift of Giving! Thank you! Prayer List for Lastrup is and for Harding is Mary, Our Mother, teach us to understand our suffering as you do and to endure it in union with the suffering of Jesus. Raffle tickets will be available. They teach us that life is a shared gift, not an encumbrance. Bless them and take care of them.

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If they are tired, give them strength. If they are wounded and suffering, give them comfort. If they are lonely, touch them with Your gentle hand and let them know that You are with them. And if it be Your will that they should give up their lives for us, grant them a good death and a home with You in Heaven. Hasten the day when we can all enjoy the blessings of peace once more. Blessed Mother, pray for them. Angels of God, protect them. Sunday worship at am. Good Food! Good Fellowship! Congratulations to all our Winners! This surely is a memorable day for you and our entire family.

You always put yourself last so us kids and Dad were taken care of.

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You taught me what it means not to be selfish, but yet that loving yourself and your family is the most important thing in the world. I can only hope that I am half the mother that you were to me. Just know that I have so many happy memories of us and want you to know how proud I am to say you are my Mother.

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I love you dearly and miss seeing and talking to you. I Love You, Mom! Your Daughter, Grace! Being a Mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in the world, since the payment is pure love! Box 38 May 5, — th Avenue. Virgil Brown. Lector: Sunday May 12 am Dave Skwira. Rosary: Sunday May 12 am Holy Name. Sunday May 12 am Laura and Robbie Skiba. Lectors: Saturday May 11 pm Art Stumpf. Sunday May 12 am Roxanne Welle.

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Ministers: Saturday May 11 pm Geri Pohlkamp. Sunday May 12 am Karen Schommer. Love, the Holy Spirit and peace. These three gifts may seem rather unrelated at first glance, but they are very entwined in our relationship with Christ. And certainly, the gifts of love and peace are so central to what every human being desires. May we ask the Lord often to bring these to fruition in our lives. The children are asked to be at the church entrances at least 10 minutes before Mass begins, so we can organize the simple procession with flowers and the crown for the statue of Mary.

And we encourage our children to wear their First Communion clothes, if possible. Volunteers from the National Association of Letter Carriers will pick up non-perishable food items from your mailbox on May 11 th and deliver them to local food shelves.

All local post offices in central Minnesota will be participating. More information can be found at www. As part of our catechesis for this Year of Faith, it is fitting to consider the faith of Mary…. Thanks so much for your generosity!

Message to our Children - Keep up the good work of giving to Jesus! What a great way of teaching Stewardship to the Children! God Bless Each One of You!! It is so good to see our Youth involved in Giving to Jesus! Helping them on their way of Stewardship! If anyone still has vases to donate for this occasion, we would greatly appreciate them.

A labeled box will be in the entrance of the church.

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We know your compassion, because you saw your Son, Jesus, suffer and die for us on the cross. The invitation is open to everyone — Please Us! Raffle tickets available from any Parishioner or at the door. The invitation is open to everyone to come and us with the Mass, Picnic Lunch and purchasing of raffle tickets and maybe WIN! How long has it been? A month, six months, a year, maybe several years? Everyone grieves differently. us the Fourth Tuesday of every month, which started last part of April, but the May one is coming up on Tuesday, May 28 th at pm. Horizon Health, Inc.

Phone : It was a great success!!

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Over 40 High School students will be there to help teach and be great role models for your children! I believe it because You have said it, and I am ready to give my life to maintain this truth. One of the brothers went to bed early one night because he was very tired. A little later, their sister headed to bed. Mom stepped in to say good night to the son and asked if he had said his prayers for the night.

Now with the warmer weather coming, hopefully, I like to have my weekends off — to do my own things. Box 38 April 28, — th Avenue. Lector: Sunday May 05 am Sheila Rudolph. Rosary: Sunday May 05 am Gloria Woitalla. Servers: Saturday May 04 pm Natalie Nash. Lectors: Saturday May 04 pm Becky Joerger. Sunday May 05 am Bonnie Boser.

Sunday May 05 am Evelyn, Rob and Bonnie. Yet, it is love that will always be the lifeblood of our relationships with each other. This also is anything but easy! A note that Rick Monson and Bob Gross will not be in the running for this election.

Adult seeking real sex MN Pierz 56364

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