Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

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If you don't call yourself any of these, or you have multiple labels, or your label changes, you're stupendous! There has sometimes been a lot of division between multisexual communities, but what you call yourself is nobody's business but yours. As many of you know, the battle ax bisexuals community is very toxic and no matter how many times they change their name whether its bandanna bisexual to Band-Aid bisexual they're still toxic but the core values of the term which was to fight biphobia was lost and misconstrued.

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Instead of fighting biphobia it's now become a term to hate pansexual and other m-spec label. So if they dont want the original term we've taken it. It's called blueberry bisexuality. It's for bisexuals who support m-spec labels but consider themselves BaB. They stole our term and now we're taking it back.

This label is for anyone who is uncomfortable with the term BaB but still registers with the original ideals". This is great! Blueberry bisexuals are wonderful and I'm just trying to al boost the label. Ellory, one of the creators, said that BaBs are not allowed to steal this term like they did with strawberry milk bisexual though I doubt theyll listen.

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Its great that terms like sheild bi and blueberry bi exist so pans, polys, omnis, and all other mspecs can recognize their allies amongst all the uneducated and hateful people. Incase you cant read it, the small text between the straight flag and rainbow flag is panel one "Hate the sin, not the sinner" and panel two "whatever homophobe". Friendly reminder that it is okay to be bisexual even if you have a strong preference for one sex over the other.

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Reminder heteroflexable and homoflexable are valid labels,and anyone who calls the biphobic or say they just want attention can fight me. Has a B. Psychology and a minor in Biochemistry, was in the middle of going for his Ph. Habits: swearing, drinking coffee while working, hugging a pillow while sleeping, keeping wardrobe neat, having a irregular sleep schedule, driving waaaay too fast, falling asleep while watching tv, bullying people, being a destructive mess when pushed.

Kai would get home high or drunk every weekend, and his parents certainly weren't fond of it. Kai didn't initially have big ambitions, professional or academic, but if he kept going he had a professional area he could make money from. He wanted his happily ever after, and he was determined to get that. Everything else—college, a career—was secondary to finding his perfect man. Sure, he had his hobbies—he played on the varsity soccer team, and he read a book a week outside of schoolwork—but his one goal was to find his Dom.

He knew his father was right, so he reluctantly waited until graduating before enrolling in an institute. With his father winning his mayoral election in Lima, he knew that Stonewall Prep was the right place for him. Our system is what we need to thrive as a society. Authority is necessary in all aspects of society.

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Homoflexible froggy! This frog is good frog View Full. This is a Aroflux, homoflexible, heteroflexible safe blog!!! If bisexual is your label, you're stellar! If it's pansexual, you're amazing!

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If it's queer, you're stunning! If it's homo- or hetero-flexible, you're astounding! If it's omni- poly- or multi-sexual, you're fantastic! Let's talk about a new term, blueberry bisexual: 1The creators of the term say, "A blueberry bisexual is a bisexual who fights erasure while recognizing that their follow mspec siblings are not harmful. This label is for anyone who is uncomfortable with the term BaB but still registers with the original ideals" My opinion even tho no one asked : This is great!

Please go support them and show them some love. Battle axe bis: "we fight biphobia" Also BaBs:. I use multiple mspec labels to describe my sexuality, and that's pretty cool of me Homoflexible ppl are great that is all. Alcohol Use: not a weekend goes by without a drink.

Dreams: to have an art gallery of his own. Where do you see yourself after you graduate? How do you feel about authority? Congrats Jessa on your new character, Alejandro Lodge. Show More.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

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Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy