Cuckold gf wanted

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Hmm I know. But do you actually imagine living with her like that? She being and doing whatever she wants with other guys and you having to act nicely with it? I felt bad when one day I had to buy contraception for her. Taking what you replied in other comments, you should leave that crazy bitch. She wants you to be only with her, but she can go with whoever he wants? You, as probably more of her "boyfriends" are just plans: plan b, c, d and so on. In case her shit goes bad, you will always be like desperate cucking for her.

And no, "Its her body she can do whatever he wants", yeah, you can't forbid to wear something, to make changes on her, to rule on what she have to do. If she wants you only for herself and she gets crazy jealous and possesive, its only just normal she doesn't even complain when she gets the same from you. But your relation is based just on her hipocresy.

Leave her right now please, for your own respect. Yeah maybe you're right. Yeah, you definetly should move on and search for someonee worth of you. I wish you really good luck from now on man! This is the last response I will give. I already told you how things are, Cuckold gf wanted like you are tryng to convinve yourself to stay with her.

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This is what a normal person wich values himself would do. If you have that dependece of her that you are Cuckold gf wanted being humilliated and so from now on, yeah, go ahead and stay with her, because in the end, you are the one who decide. I already told her that I'm breaking up. But now she says it's ok to break up but let's be friends with benefits. It was exciting only till I didn't knew the fact. If u r tied up and told such a thing wt would you do. U don't have much of a choice. I would just enjoy the ride.

You're the one who allowed yourself to be tied up so there is obviously at least a little submissiveness in you. And that's alright. Don't fight it. Embrace it. I say again, you allowed yourself to be tied up. Why did you do that? So you licked a pussy that had cum in it. Who cares? There's nothing wrong with a little jizz in your mouth.

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Wait till she makes you suck the guy's dick. You're going to love that. I'm not saying you are gay. But I am saying that you enjoy being submissive and you're going to enjoy it in all its variations.

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Of course you're not gay. But as long as there is a female involved, I think you'll do just about anything. If your dom girlfriend brings home a guy and tells you to suck that guy's cock, I think you'll do it. And I think, once you do, you'll find that you like it. I would leave her if there is another man!

If she really cared about you she wouldn't have been with some other guy and wanted you to lick his cum! Ari She's a dom. Part of dominating him is humiliating him. She did this to let him know who is in charge. Guess I forgot about that since I like everything to be equals, to be as one. I was in a long term abusive relationship and now i make sure everything is equal!

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Ari Just because she's a dom doesn't necessarily mean this is an abusive relationship. It's equal if it's what he wants. My girlfriend has watched me sucking dick twice and frequently punches me in the balls. There's nothing abusive about our relationship. She says she doesn't care about any other.

I'm the only one she truly has feelings for. So should I break friendship too. Yeah she's obsessed. I'm little scared too. T being neighbors sux indeed still you can go on your way n just Cuckold gf wanted through her when you bump into each other. Yup working on it. But I would have kicked her sorry ass! That's really dirty of her. She is a hoe! There is no maybe about it!

She had another man's cum on her while you ate her out! She is a whore! Y would people do such a thing to others. I got little pissed too coz she said that I seemed more exciting with it and much more. BT truth is I was chained when it happened. If exciting is more important to you than being faithful, then choose to stay with her.

But be aware that her unfaithfulness will probably cause you continuous pain and grief. Yes I enjoy kinky sex BT it's too much of a cost. The choice is yours ultimately. Just remember that there are always plenty of other girls out there! Hey I told her I'm breaking up. I jst can't trust. Your partner is someone who has your back. Yeah you play and joke around, but they should be the one person you go to for support, comfort and love.

You are never going to have this with her if you don't trust her. You can gain the trust back again, but it is hard work on her part Is she the type of responsible person who would be willing to work on the relationship and gain your trust back? Or will she just give up and take the easy route out?

She's sending pics showing her with different men and cums everywhere. I'm the only one she truly connects to. It's up to you what you choose to do. Just bear in mind In fact, she is more likely to meet your needs as she wants to please you, and will go out of her way to meet your needs. So don't stay with this girl, and put up with this crap just because the sex is hot. If it was just sex I wouldn't have even tried to make up. She says now that it's ok to break up but at least stay friends with benefits.

I would not Hey ur life ur choice He's trying to convince himself that he minds because he's been brought up to believe that there is something wrong with being submissive. But iside he knows he likes it. And I wouldn't be surprised if he did know that he was licking cum out of her.

Just keep doing whatever she says. She's Cuckold gf wanted charge and you should be grateful to her for allowing you to be in her presence. Eventually she is going to push your humiliation to the point where she has you sucking some other guy's cock. I advise you, when that time comes, to just do it. Enjoy it. If you refuse, you will only piss her off and you don't want that. So was it a bad joke or did she actually have sex with another guy before catching up with you?

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She actually did it and is still doing it. She even showed me her 3 sum pic where a guy was licking her while another was fucking. I already broken up but she still wants to continue. Wow, that is one kinky lady. Well, it is how you feel. Good sex is not easy to find.

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Great sex is real difficult to find. And it takes a sex partner that is into great sex. Do you know the other guys? Love is not necessarily connected to anything. It's how you feel about the person. Her behaviors can affect your feelings for her for better or worse. If you can deal with her being with those other guys, and you, too, there is nothing wrong with being with her. It is how you feel about it. No I don't want it anyway. Her life her decision but I love mine Just for love it's not worth.

Cuckold gf wanted

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