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IEWBC hosts and instructs a variety of business development workshops to meet your goals.

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We offer FREE business counseling geared specifically towards the unique challenges of women in business. We are here to help you grow and improve. A series of personal hardships, coupled with the onset of an economic downturn, forced her to close her doors. Tu did not give up; she had bigger plans. She continued to improve her cosmetology skills by working at other salons, and went back to school. Tu was always positive, generous with support to other participants, and keenly focused on achieving her goals.

She completed the program in December placing second place in the business plan competition. In pursuit of her goal, she began searching for a space in Rancho Cucamonga where she could open an organic hair salon. With a small start-up loan, she persuaded a salon owner who wanted to close to sell her a shop. Tu Organics Salon and Spa opened in October of The single mom worked to overcome ificant handicaps in her effort to develop a business plan, organize the funds, and implement the plan to have her own salon. She struggled through all the difficulties that a new business owner must overcome to reach success while balancing work, family, and school.

Amison Consulting Services is a new start-up that provides individualized training services to skilled nursing facility executives, front-line managers, nurses, therapists and non-clinical staff to improve their facilities utilization management and documentation processes.

Stephanie has Bachelor's of East San Bernardino women in Nursing and is a d Registered Nurse with over 8 years of Managed Care experience with a focus on the Medicare population; and seeks to assist Managed Care Organizations make informed and accurate decisions. She wants her future clients to know that her company is experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, efficient and necessary! I am excited for my journey and appreciate the support of the IEWBC and their counselors as I bring my dream to fruition.

It takes time to start a business, and if you cannot rush the process want to create a successful one. Also, Don't go it alone.

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It makes a world of difference. When Dana--a Breast Cancer Survivor herself--saw there was an absence of representation for post-mastectomy bras and lingerie, she got to work. I said, 'There has to be something better than this.

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What started as homemade wearables, quickly became an S-Corp store-front location in March Like several self-starters, Dana had a lot on her plate. It was this very direction that allowed Dana to hone in on her vision board making skills, funding sources, and organization. Dana even ed Ignite! I was able to pick out what's important, and what's going to be the money-maker in just weeks. I still use it today.

Dana and Cinderella's Closet continues to expand each day. The business now has three subsidiaries. In East San Bernardino womenDana and her business were recognized by the Susan G. She has numerous East San Bernardino women of recognition ed by various political leaders hanging in her office, and has big plans for Cinderella's Closet. Her next path is to be in medical facilities, so patients can be taken care of and fitted on-site; along with creating job opportunities and releasing a co-written book.

She's most recently been a guest on podcasts, panels, and will soon launch a YouTube channel including virtual events. When it comes to the future Cinderella's Closet Dana made it clear, "I want to always be able to learn something else or new. As a client of the IEWBC, Keisha stated that the center provided resources and ideas that were fundamental to her business journey.

As a year experienced Confidence Coach for Girls Keisha believes that "it is our responsibility to encourage a generation that is armed with the tools, and knowledge to thrive as individuals. Through this core belief, Keisha has done the work and authored three workbooks for girls. Keisha Montfleury organizes her own events with her businesses as well. Through focused workshops, young girls learn the skills and tools "to participate in healthy relationships and know their worth through Christ. This overall purpose also includes supporting young girls ages into healthy confidence habits, so that they are not subjected to negative behaviors such as bullying and self-harm.

Kelly says, "The value of the business and personal development workshops and expert counseling is ineffable. I was held able with loving support all the way and I leaned that I didn't need to do it all, discovering it was okay to allow others, "the experts in their field", to be a part of my success team. The bonus? Life-long friends and resources that I can reach out to for help and do! Their pro-team also assists women transitioning women Veterans and women leaving incarceration, by providing a personalized plan for a fresh and professional appearance through updated hair, makeup, clothing and accessories.

Each result le to a confidence boost and renewed success during job searching and interviewing. Kelly leaves this statement of encouragement for women entrepreneurs: "Have a business idea but don't know where to begin? Years prior, Mrs. Hill met her husband and they bought their first trailer to camp in. As they started having kids, the couple kept changing RV's to accommodate their growing family.

Hill started sharing her personal RV to conduct business, which quickly gained traction. Client recognized RV rentals as her passion and with the help of her husband, realized she wanted to gain more business knowledge, which led her to the IEWBC. She completed the program in Hill with Excel, budgeting, and financial projections. When it came to business expansion, meetings with Gretchen Strutzenberg helped to broaden Mrs. During their meetings, Strutzenberg were able to work on Mrs. She also was able to hurdle an obstacle and ensure she had the correct legal documents when it came to liability within the RV rental industry.

The company also help manage other RV's with a conment program and plan to add an additional 5 more to their. Hill plans to invest in two more rigs from the money. She has gone from just she and her husband as employees, to hiring two part-timers.

Hill has secured contractors as well. Fridars is a Cultural and Education Center that serves the community by teaching arts and crafts classes. They also have a market area where artists and artisans can promote and showcase their art and products. In addition to Fridars, Jaqualine is also a master herbalist. She is the founder of Biome and offers soap making classes, herbs preparations products, and candle-making. This allows her to network with professional instructors that often le to them wanting to share knowledge at Fridars.

Maritza has been helping us with market research, giving us advice referrals etc. I am really thankful for all the work that you all do! Learn More. Already In Business? Success Stories.

East San Bernardino women

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