Friendly foot rub

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Zone therapy or reflexology encourages relaxation and healing by massaging the feet or hands using a reflexology guide map. Headaches can be caused by many factors including stress and anxiety.

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When you want fast natural relief, try zone therapy! Your big toe symbolizes your head according to zone therapy.

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Get headache relief by rubbing your thumb or finger across your toes and in the creases. Sinusitis Relief After allergy or flu season, sometimes we experience blocked or inflamed sinuses. Your smaller toes symbolize your sinuses according to zone therapy. You can relieve sinusitis the same way you can relieve headaches, described above. Neck and Shoulder Tension Relief Shoulder and neck tension more often cause headaches.

The crease between the bottom of your foot and your toes symbolizes your shoulder and neck according to zone therapy.

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Say goodbye to neck and shoulder tension relief by massaging your entire foot, then massaging the area directly under your pinky toe. ABC Pharmacy of Beverly Hills has an outstanding Santa Monica-friendly compounding pharmacy team, thanks to their passion for and dedication to providing the highest level of patient care. Anyone who requires compounded medication should contact the family-owned Santa Monica-friendly compounding pharmacy at Wilshire Blvd. View Larger Image.

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Headaches are the second most frequent forms of continuous pain. Who would have thought that massaging your feet and hands, also known as zone therapy, could cure your migraines? Related Posts. Go to Top.

Friendly foot rub

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