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The prospect of gender equality would come easily to a person who suffers from the lack of it, right? A common misconception. I myself thought so too. Internalized misogyny sits within us all, whether we are conscious of it or not.

If all women could learn to not buy into these expectations, I believe we would come away better from it. What actually causes the internalization of misogyny is that girls adapt to a vague and kind of abstract standard created by social expectations and men.

These standards normally show how we should behave and react, and often portray women as emotional, manipulative, weak or unintelligent. And unfortunately, women end up unconsciously projecting those ideas onto other women, and even themselves. These standards are extremely sexist, and yet a part of everyday life.

Ali Beskind, a sophomore at Emory University, remembers her years in the drama program.

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Yet what they had been accustomed to hearing ended up playing a role in what they said and how it made others feel. Competitions between girls is a bit of a different branch of internalized misogyny, but still notable.

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Have you ever noticed how there always seems to be one deated spot for a girl in a leadership position at your school, club or job? Most systems operate so that there is always a token woman working among the men to show representation. To grab a hold of and maintain that single spot in your job or team, bringing other girls down is almost necessary. It pits girls against girls and can sometimes turn Im single pick me ugly.

Because of misogyny in general, I feel like women are always having to prove their worth more than men, even though that should never be the case. While this stereotype is majorly spread by men, other women have also been known to agree with it. The behavioral outcome of women being deemed too emotional can be seen through a specific presidential campaign in When Hillary Clinton was running for office, countless arguments against her surrounded her gender, and not her actual campaign, opinions or skills.

The characteristics associated with these roles are not necessarily seen as compatible with the responsibilities of the commander in chief. By becoming individuals and continuing to support one another, gender norms and stereotypes can be shed in the years to come.

There are strategies to shed these walls, of course.

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As female-identifying individuals, we all have to recognize that we are in this together. Sometimes it takes working out the problems inside a community to really reach out as a united front and face the matter. Article Video Audio. Blog Events. What I s Internalized Misogyny?

Competing With Other Girls Competitions between girls is a bit of a different branch of internalized misogyny, but still notable. Post. Thanks, Ella Reply. You go girl! Omg I literally thought a 20 year old wrote this while reading. Young People Are The Movement.

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Im single pick me

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