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Fingering means touching the clitoris and vagina with your fingers. When a woman does this to herself, it's called masturbating. Fingering gets you aroused. That's a way to make a woman come. Women all like different things, and that can change each time. Just ask. You can also ask her to take your hand and guide you. Then you can feel exactly where she exerts pressure. Or ask her to show you how she fingers herself.

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Be aware of her body language. How does she react to your fingers? Is her vagina getting wet? Is she sighing or moaning with pleasure? Is her body writhing? Then you're doing fine!

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Listen to her breathing: is it speeding up? That is also a she is getting turned on. The clitoris returns to its normal size shortly after an orgasm. It is once again sensitive to new stimulation. That's why a woman can have multiple orgasms.

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Home Sex Sex techniques Fingering How does fingering work? Lees voor. Print Share Facebook Twitter. Quick to How do you do it? What does your girlfriend like? Good places to finger Ready?

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How do you do it? Make sure your nails are not too long. Wet your fingers with some vaginal fluid, saliva or lubricant. Stroke on or around the clitoris with your fingers. A little bit faster, or a bit slower. Pressing harder, or more gently. Good places to finger The outer and inner labia. Around the clitoris. On either side, or use two fingers to do both. The clitoris itself. Be gentle: this is a sensitive spot. If the clitoris is oversensitive, just touch the area directly around it, or try licking it to see if she likes that. The vaginal opening. More on Fingering?

Better fingering? Everyone likes different things. Here are variations and tips. Find out together More information X.

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