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With his first studio album Ball 1George Miller, popularly known as Joji, put forward a performance we thought we'd never see from the former YouTube personality.

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Fans were treated with an album that exceeded their expectations, and allowed Joji to establish himself as a potential superstar in the modern music scene. Bal l 1 produced a fine collection of songs with a soothing, melancholic vibe, and it goes without saying that with his second studio album NectarJoji has managed to emulate an equally captivating appeal. Released in Septemberthe album has 18 tracks with a total duration of just over 50 minutes. The album is very well-produced, and although its theme is more or less similar to the artist's album, it still manages to separate itself from his earlier work and bear an identity of its own.

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What makes Nectar so intoxicating and a work of art, is the way it's been written and composed. Joji takes a very emotional approach with this album as he produces the perfect blend of soulful melodies, accompanied by some amazing lyrics. Love and heartbreak are recurring themes in most of the songs, and you'll be amazed to see how the melodies and lyrics intertwine with one another to give form to some of the most beautiful music you've ever heard.

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Each song tells a different story, yet manages to stay relevant and related to the other. There's this odd feeling of a guilty pleasure in these songs where you're just vibing to the music while trying not to burst out in tears as you closely listen to the lyrics. Of the 18 tracks from the album, my personal favourite, and undoubtedly the best song from the album, is "Like You Do". This emotional piano ballad gives you a vibe similar to the one you'd get from Joji's other popular hit, "Slow Dancing in the Dark"from his first album.

The track is perhaps the best example of how well-crafted the songs are in Nectar, and how Joji has matured as a musician.

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While most of the songs in Nectar give out a soulful, melancholic impression, Joji manages to sneak a bit of funk and pop into some of the other songs as well. His incredible vocal range helps maintain a proper balance and transitions throughout these changes from one style to another.

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It just goes to show that he is not afraid to play around with his music, and has a lot more to offer in the coming days. Faisal Bin Iqbal.

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