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mobile or address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, mobile phone. An honest and practical handbook that reveals important insights into relationships between men and women and work, Play Like a Man, Win Like a Womanis a must-read for every woman who wants to leverage her power in the workplace.

Women make up almost half of today's labor force, but in corporate America they don't share half of the power. Only four of the Fortune company CEOs are women, and it's only been in the last few years that even half of the Fortune companies have more than one female officer. A major reason for this? Most women were never taught how to play the game of business. Throughout her career in the super-competitive, male-dominated media industry, Gail Evans, one of the country's most powerful executives, has met innumerable women who tell her that they feel lost in the workplace, Man or woman for play as if they were playing a game without knowing the directions.

In this book, she reveals the secrets to the playbook of success and teaches women at all levels of the organization--from assistant to vice president--how to play the game of business to their advantage. Men know the rules because they wrote them, but women often feel shut out of the process because they don't know when to speak up, when to ask for responsibility, what to say at an interview, and a lot of other key moves that can make or break a career.

Sharing with humor and candor her years of lessons from corporate life, Gail Evans gives readers practical tools for making the right decisions at work. Read less. Print length. Publication date. August 10, File size. Flip.

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Word Wise. Enhanced typesetting. See all details. Next. Customers who bought this item also bought. David A. Kindle Edition. Joanna Barsh. Monique Svazlian Tallon. Christine K. Bonnie Marcus. Katty Kay. Customers who read this book also read. Pat Heim. David Richo. What Game Are You Playing? Robin Moriarty. Patty Azzarello. Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business with exclusive tools and savings. now. Review "I want to let you women in on a secret I've learned through my years Man or woman for play the corporate world: There is a set of unwritten rules in business and, while you may not choose to follow all of them, if you don't know what they are, you might as well be playing the game with both hands tied behind your back.

Learn how to play the game, and win. The game of business is played on a field where males have been comfortable since they were very young, says Evans. It's a game where winning is the obvious and only objective and where aggression, self-promotion, a tough skin, and an effective display of power are the s of a winner. Women, on the other hand, enter the game disadvantaged, having been taught to be cooperative rather than competitive, to enjoy the process rather than simply the result, and to seek approval rather than assume success.

In her entertaining, informative, and practical book, Evans sets out to level the playing field by providing instructions on how men play and by teaching women to play smarter and win on their own terms. She shows the typical male and female responses to it, analyzes the problem with the woman's reaction, and offers advice on what to do differently.

Writing in light, accessible prose, Evans supports her observations with both personal and professional anecdotes and covers the gamut of women's experiences on the corporate path. Evans's message is inspiring: women can learn to play the game as well as any man and bring with them a unique set of skills and experiences.

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It's impossible to ignore a woman who has reached the top of her profession in a tough business and is still prepared to claim that "everything I ever needed to know about business I learned driving the car pool. She lives in Atlanta. Afterwards came the deluge, as one woman after another came up to me and asked for advice. It always happens at these events. I speak, I listen, I hear the same words over and over--"baffled," "angry," "lost," "trapped," "stuck," "overwhelmed"--as each woman tells me she feels that she's gotten only so far in business and can't get any further.

One of the women at the conference told me she's a vice president at the Fortune Man or woman for play where she's been working for two decades. In the last four years she has been given two new lofty-sounding titles, but no more power. She thinks she has hit a wall. Like so many women, she doesn't understand that when you have an ongoing serious complaint, you don't simply, meekly, live with it. You try to change it. I told her that she needed to take action. Talk to the CEO. Job hunt. Just do something!

They know what a good job I am doing. Why don't they just reward me for it? If you don't read the directions manual when you start a game, you won't know how to proceed. You open the box, and in front of you are the board, markers, and dice, but you don't have a clue. If you're playing by yourself, you can improvise, but you may get it wrong. If you're playing with others, you can always follow their lead. But while they're focused on winning, you have to keep asking yourself if you're getting it right.

Whether that game is croquet, Monopoly, field hockey, or football, you have to understand the directions first. So why play the game of business any differently? Business is as much a game as any other board, individual, or team sports game.

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Consider all the metaphors like teamwork, making the right moves, playing your cards close to your chest, picking the best players for your team, rolling the dice, making a preemptive bid, raising the ante, finding the right captain, getting the team into position, hitting a home run. The bottom line: When it comes to business, most women are at a disadvantage.

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We're forced to guess, to improvise, to bluff which is not something we're always good at--see Chapter 5: Toot Your Own Horn. This is why so few of us play the game well, and even fewer find it fulfilling. And what about men? They don't read directions manuals, you say.

They don't need to.

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The male mind invented the concept of directions. It wasn't that they deliberately ignored women, or disliked what women had to say. Rather, as business culture developed, few women were around to help. Men wrote all the rules because they wrote alone. Women have made great strides in the last century.

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But that progress hasn't always been smooth, nor has it been straight ahead. Sometimes it's even retrogressed. During the labor shortage in World War II, for example, women were called in to perform men's jobs, and they did well. But when the war was over, Rosie the Riveter was sent home, and women had to wait decades for another chance. The best you can say is that we've seen a kind of creeping incrementalism. Large s of women dot the current workplace, but like trees on a mountain, you'll see fewer and fewer of them as you climb higher in the executive landscape, until you reach a kind of timber line where you'll find about as many women as you'll find magnolias.

Fortune magazine recently ran a cover story on the 50 most powerful women in America. Nothing wrong with that. What I found worrisome was that the positions these women occupied--group presidents, vice presidents, founders of their own businesses--were not comparable to what a similar group of men would have held. All the men would have been CEO of large companies. Women now for over 46 percent of the total U.

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Man or woman for play

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