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Infidelity is when a person cheats on their romantic partner or spouse with another person. Addiction is a condition characterized by compulsive and dangerous substance use. Although unrelated, addiction and infidelity are closely linked to each other.

This is because the devastating cycle of substance abuseintoxication, poor decision making, and more damages relationships and can lead to cheating.

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One of these is substance abuse or addiction. Different people will respond to this question in different ways. In the end, what exactly counts as infidelity should be decided upon between the individual couple. Common examples of activities that are often considered infidelity include:.

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Sometimes, people will use drugs or alcohol to lower their inhibitions, gain courage, and continue cheating on their partner. Or, someone who is considering having an affair while sober may end up acting out on these thoughts once they have used drugs or alcohol.

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When people consume alcohol, they may use it as an excuse or something to blame their actions on. For example, someone may get drunk, blackout, and blame their cheating on the effects of alcohol. Drug abuse is known to cause people to act differently, have shifts in perspective and thinking, and even boosts in self-confidence — all of which could potentially lead to infidelity. Unfortunately, long term substance abuse often le to drug addiction, and people who suffer from addiction may engage in infidelity at higher rates than the general population.

However, sex addiction is another type of addiction that may lead to cheating and infidelity. Sex addiction refers to engaging in sexual acts, sometimes dangerous ones, despite negative side effects and consequences. While some people have higher sex drives than others, sex Memphis IN cheating wives seek sexual activity or risky sexual activity to fix an internal urge or craving. Since people who are addicted to sex seek highs through sexual behavior, infidelity is fairly common among sex addicts.

In addition, some people who are addicted to sex may also become addicted to drugs or alcohol, further affecting their thought processes and leading to higher rates of cheating and infidelity in relationships. Sometimes, people who have been cheated on will turn to substance abuse to cope with the effects of a dishonest partner. Individuals who have been cheated on experience self-blame, loss, anxiety, reduced self-esteem, depression, and a reduced sense of self-worth. Individuals may also begin to believe that they are unworthy of monogamous relationships.

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All of these feelings and thoughts can be difficult to deal with, leading some people to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. Regardless of the situation, using drugs and alcohol to cope is never a good idea. While substance abuse may produce temporary highs, happiness, and distractions, the problem of infidelity will still be present in the relationship. If individuals continue to use substances to cope with a cheating partner, they may develop an addiction, poor mental health, and worsening problems within their relationship. Fortunately, addiction is a treatable disease. In addition, addiction treatment centers focus on more than treating addiction — they also focus on helping people heal their relationships in recovery.

Counselors are available to help partners discuss their troubles and feelings and learn ways to communicate, re-build trust, and remain faithful. Through family therapy and intensive counseling, you can overcome your drug or alcohol addiction and infidelity problems.

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Call today to speak to a dedicated treatment professional. All of the information on this has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional. She currently practices in the public domain in South Africa. She has an interest in medical writing and has a keen interest in evidence-based medicine.

The Relationship Between Addiction and Infidelity. Table of Contents.

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Memphis IN cheating wives

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