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Bobbie Jo Stinnett December 4, — December 16, was a pregnant year-old American woman found murdered in her home in SkidmoreMissouri. The perpetrator, Lisa Marie Montgomery[3] then aged 36, strangled Stinnett and cut her unborn fetus, eight months into gestation, from her womb. The baby was safely recovered by authorities and returned to the father. Montgomery was tried and found guilty in She was executed by lethal injection shortly after midnight on January 13,having exhausted the appeals process. She thus became the first female federal inmate in 67 years to be executed by the United States federal governmentand the fourth overall.

Stinnett and Montgomery met through dog show events and had ongoing interactions in an online Rat Terrier chatroom called Ratter Chatter. On December 16,Montgomery entered Stinnett's house and murdered her by strangulation. Montgomery then cut Stinnett's unborn child from her womb and fled the scene. Stinnett was discovered by her mother Becky Harper, lying in a pool of blood, approximately an hour after the murder.

Francis Hospital in Maryville. The following day, December 17, police arrested Montgomery at her farmhouse in MelvernKansas. A witness would later report that on the morning before her arrest, Montgomery took the infant, her husband, and two teenage sons to a restaurant for breakfast. Police had initially gone to Montgomery's home after tracing online communications to her IP address, hoping to interview her as a witness.

Montgomery was arrested an hour later after her story fell apart and she confessed. Eventually after intervention Sex chat with girls from Graham Missouri Congressman Sam Gravesthe alert was implemented. Lisa Marie Montgomery February 27, — January 13, [20] resided in Melvern, Kansas, at the time of the murder.

When Montgomery was 14, her mother discovered the abuse and reacted by threatening her daughter with a gun. Montgomery had four children before she underwent a tubal ligation in At the time of her arrest, it was speculated that Montgomery's motivation stemmed from a miscarriage she may have suffered and subsequently concealed from her family. Montgomery was charged with the federal offense of "kidnapping resulting in death", [17] a crime established by the Federal Kidnapping Act of[15] and described in Title 18 of the United States Code.

If convicted, she faced a sentence of life imprisonment or the death penalty. At a pre-trial hearing, a neuropsychologist testified that head injuries which Montgomery had sustained some years before, could have damaged the part of the brain that controls aggression.

As a result, Montgomery's family refused to co-operate with Duchardt and described her background to the jury. Ramachandran and MD William Logan gave expert testimony that Montgomery had pseudocyesis in addition to depressionborderline personality disorderand post-traumatic stress disorder. On October 22,jurors found Montgomery guilty, rejecting the defense claim that Montgomery was delusional.

Fenner formally sentenced Montgomery to death. Duchardt's pseudocyesis defense, Montgomery's past trauma and separate diagnosis of mental illness were not fully revealed until after her conviction. This led critics including Guardian journalist David Rose to argue that Duchardt provided an incompetent legal defense for Montgomery. Duchardt rejected all criticism and defended his conduct. On March 19,the U. Supreme Court denied Montgomery's certiorari petition. Experts who examined Montgomery after conviction concluded that by the time of her crime she had long been living with psychosisbipolar disorderand post-traumatic stress disorders.

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She was said to be often disassociated from reality and to have permanent brain damage from numerous beatings at the hands of her parents and spouses. Virginia ruled that executing individuals with intellectual disability violates the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution regarding cruel and unusual punishments. Given this ruling, it could be expected that Montgomery was ineligible for a death sentence. Very strong and undisputed evidence can lead to a withdrawal of the death sentence or a further enquiry into it.

District Court Judge Randolph Moss found that "the director's order setting a new execution date while the Court's stay was in effect was 'not in accordance with law'", prohibiting the re-scheduling of the execution before January 1, On January 1, a three-judge panel on the U. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit vacated Moss's ruling, effectively reinstating her execution date of January The execution was ordered to be carried out immediately. When asked if she had any last words, she replied: "No. She became the first female federal prisoner executed in 67 years, the first woman executed in the United States since Kelly Gissendaner inand the first person executed in the United States in They were the last three executions under the presidency of Donald Trumpoccurring in a lame-duck period.

All three were carried out by the United States federal government. William Phelps 's Murder in the Heartland. American murder victim d. MelvernKansasU. Terre Haute, IndianaU. Biography portal Internet portal United States portal. Getty Images. The year-old woman was strangled on Thursday, December 16,and her eight-month-old baby was cut from her womb in Skidmore, Missouri.

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