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Senate race in Alabama. Even more striking than McConnell urging Moore to leave the race is the way he framed his comments, focusing on the four women who have said Moore pursued them in their teensincluding one, Leigh Corfman, who alleges he initiated sexual touching when she was This was also the position of White House officials on the Sunday shows this weekend.

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The parsing has raised the question of what these people would accept as evidence. As a wave of women have brought forward stories of sexual harassment and worse, speaking out in the wake of allegations of rape and harassment against film producer Harvey Weinstein, the Moore allegations represented an unusual case: fresh allegations against a man in the moment he was running for high elective office.

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There is no place in our party for sexual predators. McConnell had made his disdain for Moore clear in several ways.

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Moore campaigned in part by bashing McConnell as insufficiently conservative. McConnell said he and others are looking into whether a write-in candidate could provide an effective alternative to either Moore or Jones. Although the committee publicly yanked funding to Todd Akin init ended up quietly sending cash his way late in the race. The existing bad blood between McConnell and Moore means the immediate impact of his remarks may be tempered.

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