Teacher looking for summer fun

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Teaching is your dream job. You want to have an impact on the lives of children, help them become productive citizens and set them up for a lifetime of learning. You want every day of your career to matter. Those are noble goals from September to June. Then Teacher looking for summer fun comes, and you get a well-deserved break! But after the first week or so of vacation, you might feel some of your energy returning. You might also start to wonder if your bank could use a little extra padding—and honestly, free time does get a little boring after a certain point. So what can a teacher do to earn a little extra money and stay busy during the summer months?

It might surprise you to learn that there are plenty of part-time or temporary options for educators out there. Whether you want a summer job related to your career or something totally new, here are some excellent options when looking for summer jobs for teachers. In that case, here are some great summer jobs for teachers who want to keep at it. Kids need extra help, even in the summer. Usually, they take classes or hire tutors. You could teach kids or adults depending on the subject you choose. These classes range from woodworking and culinary endeavors to meditation and learning to make spreheets.

Some also look for teachers who can instruct in specific subjects, like piano or Spanish. Do you play lots of tennis on the weekends? Do you know language? Put your skills to use in the community. This summer job also offers flexibility. There are plenty of national and local companies that offer prep services and are in need of instructors, so you could up with them. Alternatively, you can pave your own path by finding clients through friends. In these classes, kids typically learn about religious principals, usually in a fun setting that includes stories and games.

In some citiesteachers even have the option of offering unique classes or teaching classes outside, neither of which might be practical during a normal school day.

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Teacher looking for summer fun a summer babysitter means you can still make a little extra money but not have that commitment of a temporary, full-time job. If babysitting was one of your first jobs, then you probably already have a good idea of what it entails. Parents spend a lot of time considering the right person for a babysitting job, and some are hesitant to leave their kids with the traditional teenaged babysitter. If you want to make a more permanent short-term commitment, consider being a nanny. Some year-round jobs may be hard to break into for the summer because they already staffed.

If you believe in the power of the great outdoors, then this option might be a great fit. Some summer camps might even have management or other specialized positions available for applicants with lots of experience. Many kids play sports during the school year, and summer can be a great time for them to refine those skills. This job puts you in the demographic you usually work with—kids! While coaching kids to perform athletically is different from helping them master math or language concepts, they both rely on your ability to develop and encourage young people.

Coaches need to help kids improve their skills, motivate them and focus on every member of the team. You love your job. But you also know that you depend on summers to recharge your teaching batteries, so you can begin each fall with fresh energy. There are plenty of summer opportunities for teachers who want to expand their horizons, get an intermission from kids and still make some money.

One of the best parts about being a teacher is summer vacation. If you wish you could utilize some of the break to travel or just sit on a beach somewhere warm, then you could rent out your living space to someone else and earn money to fuel your adventures. Just do your research, list your home with the platform of your choice and spend your time doing what you like while the money comes in. Have a few references available and mention that you are a teacher to build extra trust.

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If you love being outside in the summer, a gig as a landscaper or gardener might be the perfect fit. These positions are often plentiful in the summer and perfect for temporary work. If you are okay with the physical labor, then seek employment with a company or utilize your own network for clients as a freelancer.

People love their pets, but they also have other responsibilities or want to travel. This job gives you the flexibility of deciding how much you want to work—simply raise or lower your of clients accordingly.

Communities like Rover make finding jobs a little easier. If you want to travel, considering becoming a tour guide to lead groups on international trips. Historical homes, gardens and museums all usually employ tour guides. And if you live in a popular city, some groups even lead walking tours of the main attractions. This job can be a great fit for teachers since it demands a willingness to learn and strong skills in speaking to groups of people.

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As a teacher, you obviously love working with. Important qualities of those working in elderly care include patience, tact, discretion and empathy. People are more likely to let you into their homes knowing that you make a living by helping children. Plenty of restaurants, cafes and food trucks look for extra help in the summertime—especially those that rely on good weather. Your experience as a teacher communicates reliability and good people skills, both of which are high priorities for serving positions.

Working in food service can be surprisingly lucrative, and you might even get some free food thrown in!

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Check out some of the establishments in your area for job openings. Teachers and librarians share a common love of learning. If you also love books, then check with your local public or college libraries for assistant job openings. Library assistants help librarians organize library resources and check out books at the circulation desk. Requirements vary per job, but helpful skills to have include handling money, communicating with library patrons and the ability to work with computers.

Do you want to soak up some much-needed summer sun while keeping a watch out for anyone who might be in trouble in the water? If so, then the obvious summer job is being a lifeguard. Check job listings at any location with a pool—most need multiple lifeguards per season. Getting certified as a lifeguard is fairly straightforward, and the American Red Cross offers classes.

Additionally, local recreation centers might be in need of swim instructors—which is a natural complement to your experience as Teacher looking for summer fun teacher. You spend so much time on your feet, scurrying around every school year that you would really prefer to chill at home this summer.

Great news, online opportunities offer you a chance to make some extra money without needing to leave home! The internet is packed with platforms to help you sell products. Do you knit, make jewelry or paint? Do you enjoy pottery or papermaking? Think about turning your hobby into a business. Even purging your old clothing or book collection could leave you with great items to sell.

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An online store is perfect for summer when you have more time but can also be a source of a little extra income during the school year, too. Sites like Etsy and eBay can get you started. The technology to collect, analyze and utilize data has made companies in every industry dream big.

Informed decision-making, growth and demand projection, understanding client and consumer needs—the list of potential uses goes on and on. Big data creates many different jobs, some of which require advanced degrees. But at the entry-level, organizations all over need people to enter their valuable data into the systems that make it useful.

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A quick search for freelance data entry jobs can help you find some summer options. From high school students seeking internships to career-focused adults hunting a new position, help is always in hot demand. A quick brush up on what makes a killer can put you in a great position to help people highlight their best selves on that important piece of paper. The fastest and most reliable route will probably be your own network once again. Spread the word that you are available for hire or check out sites like Edge or WriterBay.

Your career as a teacher might help you get a leg-up on competition. This one takes more time to become profitable, but blogging can be an incredible summer job or even a long-term side job for teachers. If you are passionate about a certain topic like parenting or gardening, for example, then writing informative posts on a blog will attract readers who also share those interests.

Teacher looking for summer fun

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35 Summer Jobs for Teachers, From Summer Camps to Delivery Services