Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

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According to Dr. Sexual relations between living organisms and machines. I briefly mentioned mechanophilia in a blog on the relationship between sex and cars, but the paraphilia not only includes individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from cars such as the American man Edward Smith who has who has had sex with over a carsbut also to bicycles such as the British man Woman seeking car exhaust fetish Stewart who ended up in court after being caught having sex with a bicycleand aeroplanes and helicopters according to Ray Broadus Browne in his book Objects of Special Devotion: Fetishism in Popular Culture.

A paper published in by Dr. Steven Thompson in the journal "Technology and Culture" argued that motorcycles are often portrayed as sexualized fetish objects by their owners. It noted that:. The term has entered into the realms of science fiction and popular fiction. Wilson is quoted describing mechanophilia, the love of machines, as 'a special case of biophilia,' whereas psychologists such as Erich Fromm would see it as a form of necrophilia.

Deers such as Francis Picabia and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti have been said to exploited the sexual attraction of automobiles. I have yet to come across any empirical research specifically on mechanophilia beyond case studies. Kerner has treated or whether this is just pure speculation.

I suspect the latter. They reported that his main sexual interest and excitement was from cars — particularly Austin Metro cars. Things changed for George when his parents bough an Austin Metro car. As a very young child he had an unusual interest in dogs urinating. After the age of 10 years, he was more interested in children and adult women urinating.

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Ina man simply calling himself "Schlessinger" published a book called Mechaphilia: Sexual Attraction to Machines. The book is detailed in his description such as his description of the curves of a reel-to-reel recorder that he fell in love with.

Schlessinger ends the book by saying that he has happily come to accept his "quirky sexuality. Although not all such uses are sexual in intent, the terms are also used for specifically erotogenic fixation on machinery and taken to its extreme in hardcore pornography as Fucking Machines. This mainly involves women being sexually penetrated by machines for male consumption, which are seen as being the limits of current sexual biopolitics. Authors have drawn a connection between mechanophilia and masculine militarisation, citing the works of animator Yasuo Otsuka and Studio Ghibli.

In one of the few articles written on mechanophilia, Symone Nelson appears to speculate about the psychological reasons for engaging in such paraphilic behaviour but claim there is no single reason as to why someone becomes a mechanophile. Nelson claims:. While others are fascinated with the effect it produces for example the noise Woman seeking car exhaust fetish warmth that comes off of a drying machine.

Personally, I believe that people who use the vibrations of a washing machine or vacuum cleaner as part of masturbatory sex are not mechanophiles otherwise anyone who used a vibrator would be classed as a mechanophile. Mechanophiles have sex and make love to the machine and may even develop emotional attachments rather than using the appliance simply to heighten sexual pleasure during masturbation.

Aggrawal A. The Lyons Press.

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De Silva, P. Sexual and Marital Therapy, 7, Marsh, A. Love among the objectum sexuals. Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 13, March 1. Nelson, S. Fetish spotlight: Mechanophilia. Thompson, S. The arts of the motorcycle: Biology, culture, and aesthetics in technological choice. Technology and Culture, 41, Mark Griffiths, Ph. Mark D. Griffiths Ph. In Excess. Sex Mechanophilia Exposed and Explained A brief look at those individuals that are sexually turned on by machines Posted November 17, Share.

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Woman seeking car exhaust fetish

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